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About YIR 2018

Women's Cancer Initiative - Tata Memorial Hospital and Nag Foundation Invites you for the "3rd edition of Year in Review: Breast Cancer Conference". This conference will be held on Sat 10th Feb - Sun 11th Feb 2018, at ITC Grand Central, Parel, Mumbai.

As you are aware "Year in Review" is an idea that we have harbored in 2015, which subsequently led to a fruitful and successful organization of the 2nd year in Review conference in Jan 2017. 

Breast cancer is not so much a disease as a universe - endlessly complex, huge and continuously evolving. Every year a large number of clinical, translational and basic studies are presented at many conferences, at least some of which have an impact on practice. It is becoming increasingly difficult for even specialized oncologists to keep pace with this explosion. Number of meetings in Best of format now try to make this information digestible to practicing clinicians.

Our idea is to recapitulate the best breast cancer science every year in a Year in Review format. The theme of this meeting is "Breast Cancer...the year that was 2017". We strive to recapitulate the best original science presented at the following conferences of the immediately preceding year:








The meeting will be broadly classified in the following sessions:

Loco-regional therapyLoco-regional therapy

Estrogen receptor positive diseaseEstrogen receptor positive disease

HER2 positive diseaseHER2 positive disease

Triple Negative Breast CancerTriple Negative Breast Cancer

Translational scienceTranslational science

State-of-the-Science talk(s)State-of-the-Science talk(s)

Rapid review sessionRapid review session

In the above sessions, we intend to cover surgical, radiation, medical, pathology, biomarkers and imaging issues making this meeting a truly multi-disciplinary one. At the end of every session there will be rapid review presentation on additional abstracts. The selection of abstracts is based on originality, innovation and potential impact on clinical practice.

We believe that presentation of the most impactful and important abstracts from all important conferences in the preceding year will give the participants a feel of the landscape of breast cancer research, especially that impacts practice.

Research, especially those impacting our practice. For your reference, the meeting proceedings of the 2nd Year in Review Conference is fully archived on www.yearinreview.in

We hope to benefit from your partnership and wisdom in initiating, undertaking and nurturing this idea.

With best wishes

Organizing Chairperson:

Dr.Sudeep Gupta
Professor of Medical Oncology
Tata Memorial Centre

Dr.Shona Nag
Consultant Medical Oncologist
Jehangir Hospital

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